About Us

Matt and Emma are in charge of all the vibrators! We are the founders of www.buyvibrators.co.uk. We started selling sex toys during lockdown when times were hard and days were long!! Our store has evolved from selling every sex toy imaginable to our new look store that focusses on anything classed as vibrators!

Our goal is to source the latest and best vibrators for both men and women. Anything that vibrates is a great toy to use to help relieve you from the stresses of everyday life and help you rediscover the joys of pleasure and self-indulgence. To achieve this, we have carefully curated a selection of high-quality products that we believe will bring you the most pleasure and satisfaction.

Our huge range of vibrators includes a variety of products from couples massagers to personal vibrators, bunnies to strokers all designed to help you relax and unwind in the comfort of your own home. We understand that everyone’s preferences are different and that’s why we have a wide selection of products to cater to everyone’s needs. With our products, we want to help you escape the monotony of everyday life and experience new levels of pleasure and satisfaction.

See our range of products and search the different categories here – www.buyvibrators.co.uk