Fleshlight Fleshsack Masturbator

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Experience a tantalizing backdoor adventure like never before with our latest addition, the FleshSack. This anal pleasure option offers a unique feature that is sure to ignite your fantasies. Feast your eyes on a pair of soft, yet firm testicles that proudly hang, adding an extra layer of realism to your experience. Crafted from the renowned material that Fleshlight is famous for, these balls sway in motion as you thrust in and out, enhancing the authenticity of your play.

Embrace the gripping inner texture of the FleshSack as you explore the depths of pleasure. Just like any anal adventure, remember to generously apply a water-based lubricant to ensure smooth gliding and maximize your enjoyment.

After satisfying your desires, ensure a thorough cleaning by rinsing the FleshSack with warm water. Allow it to dry completely before storing it back in its case, ready for your next captivating session.

Unlock the door to anal bliss with the FleshSack. Get ready to embark on a journey of intense pleasure and discover why Fleshlight is the trusted name when it comes to fulfilling your deepest desires.

Additional information

Weight 0.87 kg

Fleshlight Masturbators


Flesh Pink


Balls Sack



For Who


Insertable Length

7 to 8 inches


11 Inches


Realistic Feel

Opening Type



11 Inches

Washing Instructions

Hot soapy water and toy cleaner